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Musical Brain

We love to teach people the basics of
music skills. Things like rhythm, keeping
count and pitch.
This is something we do especially with our
younger students and it ties in very well with
their classroom music at school.


If your underlying music skills are well developed it is much easier

to learn any instrument. Musical brain is similar to athletes get fitter

and more flexible to improve their sport.

Here is a quick rundown of the musical brain course - 


Level 1

The first pitch exercises are to do with learning low, middle and high sounds.

we do this with a lot of listening and getting students to talk in different voices or maybe even pitch out loud if they find it easy.

For rhythm we focus on becoming musical robots. Learning how to keep a steady count through out an exercise or song.

Level 2

This time pitch involves answering on the students instrument.The teacher will play just two notes and the student has to play them back. Eventually moving to three notes. Each time the student is shown the starting note.

For rhythm we focus again on becoming musical robots. This time with clapping two notes per beat. Another drill is to keep count when the band stops so that the student stays at the same speed for when the band reenters.

Level 3

This time pitch involves students answering with their voice. Pitching just one note first then two notes and finally little songs.

Clapping now involves eighth note rests and sixteenth notes. The band stops now extend to more bars and there is keeping count with students favourite songs.

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